Character Costumes

SnowWhiteCH2511_t       AnnieCH9596_t

Snow White Costume                                               Annie Costume

BarbieCH2727_t       belleCH492_t

Barbie Costume                                                        Belle Costume

CliffordCH1612_t       DalmationCH8492_t

Fuzzy Clifford Costume                                             Fuzzy 101 Dalmatian Costume

DorothyCH151_t       elmoCH1621_t

Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume                              Fuzzy Elmo Costume

HulkCH9686_t       IronManCH9683_t

Hulk Costume                                                            Iron Man Costume

JasmineCH233_t       LittleRedRidingHoodCH1365_t

Jasmine Costume                                                      Little Red Riding Hood Costume

LittleRedRidingHoodCH439_t       MadelieneCH1544_t

Little Red Riding Hood Costume                              Madeline Costume

MichaelJacksonCH1990_t       RobinHoodCH969_t

Michael Jackson Costume                                        Robin Hood Costume

RaggedyAndyCH844_t       RaggedyAnnCH901_t

Raggedy Andy Costume                                           Raggedy Ann Costume

RolliePollieOllieCH9018_t        StarWarsTrooperCH2623_t

Rollie Pollie Ollie Costume                                        Star Wars Storm Trooper Costume

StrawberryShortcakeCH7029_t       tinkerbellCH731_t

Strawberry Shortcake Costume                               Tinkerbell Costume

WoodyToyStoryCH1497_t       CinderelaCH1658_t

Toy Story Woody Costume                                        Cinderella Costume

CaptainAmericaCH9684_t       WinterPrincessCH1634_t

Captain America Costume                                       Winter Princess Costume

AbeLincolnCH1505_t       KingCH7300_t

Abraham Lincoln                                                      King Costume


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